Tattooed at 35

For my birthday this year, I gave myself the gift of tattoos and it shocked a lot people. “You’re a Christian! Christians don’t do that!” “You’re 35! Weren’t you supposed to do that when you were young and reckless?” First of all guys! I’m still young! I’m just not reckless. The decision to get tattooed … More Tattooed at 35

Heaven Help Me

Heaven help me for I cannot help myself Heaven help me attain spiritual wealth Heaven help me my insides are crying Heaven help me my spirit is dying Heaven help me to deal with the world Heaven help me warm my heart, it’s growing cold Heaven help me figure things out Heaven help me open … More Heaven Help Me

Be in 2019

I haven’t written anything since September but I decided that I had to write something before the year ends. 2018 has been a year filled with many ups and downs but I am ever so grateful for all the lessons that have been learned. I thought about doing an update about what has been going … More Be in 2019

Sin is Sin!

I posted the following poem that I found on the internet on my Facebook about a year ago and someone asked the question does this also apply to homosexuals and at first I was afraid to respond because homosexuality is a hot topic and I wasn’t sure if I had the ‘authority’ to respond, I … More Sin is Sin!