Music is HIS- Let’s Talk about J Monty

As you all know I’m all about transparency so I must confess that I only discovered this very dope (I don’t usually speak in hip hop vernacular but there is really no better word to use) lyricist a few weeks ago! I know, I know, I’ve been missing out and if you don’t know who he is you are missing out too! His songs are so profound that you have to listen to them several times so as not to miss the depth of what he is saying!

To be honest I don’t even remember how I discovered him but I’m sure it was divine intervention. LOL. So I did my usual, I went on google music to see what was there and I found one full album and a few singles, most of which is old stuff but music does not expire, so hey! It wasn’t until I started following him on Instagram that I realized that he is back and back with a full on vengeance!!

From the beginning of 2019 he started this project called Testify where he dropped a new video every Tuesday. Of course I was late to the party so I had to sit and go back and listen to three months of videos but it was so worth it. He speaks on social injustices and what’s going on in the world but the Word is ever present. His use of language and the way he plays on words brought me back to when I was studying Literature in high school and had to analyze a text. So deep! What I loved the most is that the videos had the lyrics in them! Go check them out!

Now that you’ve been brought up to date with his new stuff let’s talk about his old stuff. My favorite song is City on Fire because when I listen to it I feel so gangsta!! LOL. If you happen to catch me in my car while I’m listening to that song and you can’t hear it you would think I’m listening to NWA or some other gangsta rapper, the way I be going off (there goes that hip hop vernacular again)! This is my favorite part,

With all the stuff that I done been through
I can’t sit through another church service with a pastor in a slick suit tellin’ me how I’m gon’ get through
Cause I’m dangerous
And I’m angry at Satan for makin’ us think to be sane is to stay in the same place until we get placed in the grave
You are hopeless and ashamed
Why you go and get saved and exposed to His name
If you wasn’t gonna share it with someone sellin’ dope in the game
What about that seventeen year old on the train who wants to blow out his brains
But if you go over and say that Jehovah can save, then his mindset would totally change

You can’t really get the essence of the song from just reading the words so go listen to it!

Before I go I have to mention one more song. The song I Am is so raw and real and transparent that I just love it! It describes so well the Christian struggle. We all love the Lord but sometimes we get frustrated and discouraged and we have to ask the same questions he asked.

Tell me what is it gonna take Father?
Ain’t tryna rush you, but how much longer I gotta wait Father?
I ain’t looking for fame Father. It’s just that nowadays I stay bothered
Least I want to do is feed my family and put some food on they plate Father
I been serving you for years now. Only thing I’ve earned is tears now….

And the melody of the hook is so smooth and angelic that I love to sing it!

Tell me can You see where I am?
I can’t even breathe where I am
My heart is on my sleeve
I’ve been searching on my knees
But it’s time for me to leave where I am
I don’t wanna be where I am
I cannot believe where I am
This world is in a season where everybody’s bleeding

The song ends with God responding to him and I thought that was perfect! It just shows that no matter how discouraged we get and no matter how much we may get mad at God and curse Him, He is always there for us! He always responds to our cries! He never leaves nor forsakes us! He is such a loving Father! See for yourself!

I know not everyone likes Hip Hop but I hope that after this post, you will at least be able to appreciate this man’s talent. He is spreading the gospel to a group of people that not everyone would be able to reach and making his own contribution to the Kingdom. I love his music and I can’t wait for the next album to drop!

Just doing my Father’s work

Crowned Papillon

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