Kanye West’s Sunday Service- My thoughts

Someone recently sent me this NY Times article https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/21/arts/music/kanye-west-coachella.html and asked for my opinion. Before reading the article, I had seen a clip from Kanye’s Coachella performance on Instagram but at the time I had no idea where the clip was from. In the clip, DMX (whom I’ve loved since I was a teen) was praying and at the end of the prayer, we saw Kanye who appeared to be in tears. I was moved by this so I shared the video with a few of my friends and I left it at that until Monday when I received the article. These are my thoughts.

I loved the way the article opened because it expresses exactly how I feel about Kanye. Some days I don’t know if to love him or hate him. I have a difficult time trying to decide if this spiritual thing of his is genuine or not. But at the same time, it’s not my place to decide and furthermore it should not have any effect on me or my beliefs.

I’m not God so Kanye doesn’t have to prove or explain himself to me or try to please me or anyone else for that matter. He doesn’t even have to DO anything to try to please God or prove himself to God because His grace is sufficient! The real concern should be if Kanye actually knows this. Does he believe in his heart and has he confessed with his mouth that Jesus is his Lord and Savior? I have no idea. But what I have heard Kanye say is that he is a god and that’s troubling for me.

As believers we should be more concerned about Kanye’s salvation more than how much the Sunday Service merchandise cost. Kanye obviously has a lot of issues and he needs Jesus just as much as any of us do. If all of this is Kanye’s process and his journey then who are we to judge? I must say that I would be very upset if this whole thing is a gimmick because I love the Lord and I take my beliefs very seriously. But then again, God is in control and He can use any situation, any type of music, any type of person, anything for that matter, to reach His people.

There has been a lot of discussion around this Sunday Service and people who may not have known about Jesus or cared to know about him, heard His name because of it. So even if it was a gimmick, if there was one person who was brought to Christ because of it, it served its purpose.

I won’t call myself a fan of Kanye’s but I do think he has some good music. I’m not sure what his struggle is or where he is on his journey so it’s not my place to judge him. All I can do is extend the same grace that is given to me daily, to him and pray for him!

Just doing my Father’s work!

Crowned Papillon



The image was sourced from vulture.com

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