Sometimes I wish I had telepathic powers so I could talk to people that I don’t know. Just reach them with my mind and have a conversation with them. Say, “Sis. You are better than this! God loves you! Love yourself!” or “Bro. Come on now! You’re a King! You were made in His image! … More #IAmMySistersKeeper

Dear Future Husband

Dear Furture Husband here’s what I need you to know This is not my first time doing this marriage thing but please don’t hold it against me. The first time around, I became a ‘wife’ before I was a bride…of Christ, that is Which left lots of room for the enemy to come in and … More Dear Future Husband

Kanye West’s Sunday Service- My thoughts

Someone recently sent me this NY Times article https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/21/arts/music/kanye-west-coachella.html and asked for my opinion. Before reading the article, I had seen a clip from Kanye’s Coachella performance on Instagram but at the time I had no idea where the clip was from. In the clip, DMX (whom I’ve loved since I was a teen) was … More Kanye West’s Sunday Service- My thoughts