Dear Future Husband

Dear Furture Husband here’s what I need you to know
This is not my first time doing this marriage thing but please don’t hold it against me.
The first time around, I became a ‘wife’ before I was a bride…of Christ, that is
Which left lots of room for the enemy to come in and reek havoc in my marriage and my family
I wasn’t submitted to God so I could not submit to a husband.
I didn’t know God so I didn’t know who I was or who I am to become
But thank God for His grace and mercy
Thank God that His reckless love came and found me!
I’ve learned so much from my past mistakes and I’m ready to do things the right way!
I’m not who I was and still don’t know who I will be some day
But I’m working on me while I’m waiting for you!
I’ll be praying for you until you come find me too
Jesus is my everything and I pray that he’s yours too!

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