Sometimes I wish I had telepathic powers so I could talk to people that I don’t know. Just reach them with my mind and have a conversation with them. Say, “Sis. You are better than this! God loves you! Love yourself!” or “Bro. Come on now! You’re a King! You were made in His image! Do better!”

I often have these thoughts while I’m walking the streets, riding the subway, scrolling the Gram or watching reality TV because I can’t believe some of the things I see. Today I spent about an hour on Instagram just looking at posts with #celinapowell and I was appalled! (Hey don’t judge me! I saw one post was intrigued and ended up down the Instagram rabbit hole okay!)

Before today I had no idea who this young lady was but now I want to know more about her. I feel like I need to know her story because you don’t just become that without some sort of hurt and/or trauma. I feel bad for her and it’s not that I’m being judgmental but I want more for her than she seems to want for herself. Like, I heard her speak and my heart broke because I don’t want to believe that this life that she’s living is really what she wants! How did you get here sis?

The thing is, she’s not the only one. There’s so many of these young ladies out here #livingtheirbestlives and having their #hotgirlsummers and #chasingthebag but to what end?!? Like no sis!!! Is this what my daughter has to look forward to? Not on my watch!

After a while I just stopped scrolling and started praying because at this point that’s all I can do. The comedian Christianee Porter had her character Shirleen praying against the hot girl summer and even though it was a joke, I believe she had the right idea! We need to pray for our girls and young ladies and not just the ones we know!

I would like to charge you, whoever is reading this, to pick a girl, any one of these reality ‘stars’ or social media ‘celebs’ or any young lady that God leads you to, and just pray for her. I’m not going to say do it every day or give you a timeframe because I know it’s not easy and I know I’m asking a lot but just do it! If you run across some scandal on IG just pray! You’re walking on the street and see some girls wildin out, just pray! Watching reality TV, just pray!

This thing, the state of our womanhood and sexuality, (I guess I’ll call it that), is something that is close to my heart. I have a strong desire to work with young ladies to try to fix the situation but until I can figure out how or better yet, until God has prepared me and positioned me to do something, I’ll just pray from a distance. Please join me in praying #iammysisterskeeperprayers

Just doing My Father’s Work!

Crowned Papillon

P.S. If you want a good laugh and you haven’t heard Shirleen’s prayer. Here’s the link,


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