Crowned Papillon

Clothed in His grace Crowned by her locks Poised for His purpose Positioned at His feet Her eyes are on the Father Her lips will sing His praise She has been transformed She has been renewed He is her Savior He is Jesus Christ I wrote this little poem to express who I am and … More Crowned Papillon

Kanye West Sunday Service- Firsthand Experience

I wrote my thoughts about Kanye West’s Sunday Services back in April 2019 after his Easter Sunday Coachella performance, Kanye West’s Sunday Service- My thoughts. This past Sunday I experienced his Sunday Service firsthand at my church home, The Greater Allen A.M.E Cathedral so I felt it only right to do a follow up to … More Kanye West Sunday Service- Firsthand Experience

Heaven Help Me

Heaven help me for I cannot help myself Heaven help me attain spiritual wealth Heaven help me my insides are crying Heaven help me my spirit is dying Heaven help me to deal with the world Heaven help me warm my heart, it’s growing cold Heaven help me figure things out Heaven help me open … More Heaven Help Me


Sometimes I wish I had telepathic powers so I could talk to people that I don’t know. Just reach them with my mind and have a conversation with them. Say, “Sis. You are better than this! God loves you! Love yourself!” or “Bro. Come on now! You’re a King! You were made in His image! … More #IAmMySistersKeeper

Dear Future Husband

Dear Furture Husband here’s what I need you to know This is not my first time doing this marriage thing but please don’t hold it against me. The first time around, I became a ‘wife’ before I was a bride…of Christ, that is Which left lots of room for the enemy to come in and … More Dear Future Husband