Music is His- “He Loves Me” Playlist

I’ve noticed that I get in these bummy moods around holidays/special occasions or whenever I see certain people or have certain conversations or interactions etc. so I made a playlist called “He Loves Me” to combat those feelings. It only has like seven songs but it always makes me feel so much better. They’re all very different songs but with the same theme, they talk about God’s love for us and His grace! We all need a reminder sometimes so I decided to share it with you guys! I’m also hoping that I can get some song suggestions to add to the list.

The first two songs I added to the playlist are by Jonathan McReynolds. Listen, I love this man so much he has his own playlist with all three of his albums on it called “My Jonathan Fix”. I even thought about writing a blog about his music but it would literally be too long because there is not a song by him that I don’t like! I’ve also read his book and may write about that at some point. Who knows!

Anyway, the songs are “Why” and “Lovin Me”.Why” is pretty much him asking God why He loves him so much and I could totally relate! When I’m in my moods, feeling sorry for myself, or beating myself up for something I did or being mad at God, I have to listen to that song. Like the song says, “Who am I to have Your ear whenever I call Your name? And who am I to be forgiven when certain things just don’t change? And I haven’t done a thing to deserve Your favor, Your grace. After all the hurt I’ve caused You, Lord, I must say You got me wondering…”. Like, Lord, for real, why do you still love me when I’m such an ungrateful brat sometimes? LOL.

“Lovin Me” is similar in the sense that he is highlighting his/our flaws as human beings but this song comes more from a place of gratitude. He’s no longer questioning why God loves him, he’s just grateful that He does! My favorite lines are, “But when I look in the mirror and don’t like what I see. Oh, I just thank you for always lovin’ me” and “And even with the pimples on my face, you keep lovin’ me?” Yep! That’s me!

The next song on the list is “Forever” by Jason Nelson. I’ve thought about removing this song from the playlist because it’s such a wedding song and every time I listen to it I imagine myself singing it to my future husband on our wedding day but I feel bad because I’m not even fully divorced yet! Hey don’t judge me okay. But I really love the song and God is my first love anyway so it stays! LOL.

The song opens with, “I’ll be committed to you. I’ll never leave you. Nothing in this world could make me walk away! No matter what life may bring, I’ll be by your side. No matter what you face, you won’t be lonely!” And then the chorus goes, “Forever is a long time. That’s how long I’ll love…”. Now if we’re being real here, the only being that can say those words honestly and really mean it, is God. So even though I imagine my wedding day when I hear this song, I know that if that day takes a long time to come or never does, I’ll be alright because God loves me forever!

Now I’ve always thought that the next song on my list was by Anthony Evans but apparently, it’s originally by someone named John Mark McMillan. I got this information from Wikipedia so if it’s a little off don’t kill me. The song is called “How He Loves”, and there is not much to say about it other than it’s beautiful and poetic and it feels like a hug! Maybe it’s just me, but there are some songs that when I listen to them I can actually feel like I’m being hugged by God. I know I sound crazy but I’m so serious! I don’t know if it’s the instruments used or what! Please tell me I’m not alone in this!

This next song is one of the two most recent songs to be added to the list. Last week I was in one of my moods and I prayed about it one night and the next morning I woke up singing this, “Healing, affirming word. Write it on my heart. Write it on my mind. So I’ll never forget it”. The song is called “Journal” by Casey J. I had the privilege of seeing her perform live on April 29, 2019 and I even got to meet her.  She has such a beautiful spirit; she was friendly and down to earth. So of course, after the concert I had to go listen to all of her music. This song is another hug from God for me. And like Lovin’ Me, it talks about our insecurities but this song lets us know what to do when we are having those moments. We must remember God’s Word! We need to have it written on our hearts and minds!

This brings me to the last song which was added to the playlist, also by Casey J and it’s called “Adopted” from her new album “The Gathering”. The whole album is amazing! It’s so kumbaya! You have to go listen to it to understand what I mean. When I listen to it, I imagine myself in a grassy field somewhere, sitting around a fire just worshiping the Lord with some friends! Hey, what can I say, I’m a very visual person! The song opens with, “What love is this? That calms our hearts. Whispers the promise into the dark. That we are loved. Yes, we are loved until forever!” So beautiful!

The seventh song on the playlist is “Known” by Tauren Wells but I’m not going to write about it here because I already wrote about it in Music is HIS – Tauren Wells. It fit right in with the theme of the playlist so I had to add it. I hope you all go listen to the songs and I hope you feel God’s love just as I do when I listen to them. Create your own playlists and if you have any suggestions of songs that I can add, please put them in the comments. Caring is sharing! And remember, God loves us ya’ll!

Just doing my Father’s work!

Crowned Papillon

Updated 4/28/20- Below is the actual playlist. It has grown since I originally wrote this! I suggest you listen to it on random so the Holy Spirit can minister to you through the songs. That’s how I do it!

One thought on “Music is His- “He Loves Me” Playlist

  1. Hey guys! I added the following songs since posting this:

    -Flaws by Kierra Sheard
    -You Waited by Travis Greene
    -Reckless Love by Bethel Worship
    -Fragile by Tasha Page-Lockhart
    -About Your Love
    -You Still Love Me
    – Who Can Love You More (3 songs by Lisa McClendon)
    -I Am What You See by Bishop Paul S Morton
    -Nobody Love Me Like You by Chris Tomlin
    -One Prayer Away by Jonathan Mcreynolds
    -I Am Loved by Maverick City Music
    -Why I Love You by Major (This song is secular but the artiste said he wrote it as a love song to God)


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