Music is His- Bizzle’s Response to Devil’s Work

So I was scrolling on my IG and I saw a post on one of my favorite rappers Bizzle’s page of his response to Joyner Lucas’s song called Devil’s Work. I had no idea who Joyner was before tonight and I most definitely had never heard the song so of course I had to go listen to it! And I must admit, I actually really liked the song! I loved the beat and well I could appreciate the lyrics too!

He was raw and brutally honest! Some people would say how dare he talk to God like that but I believe this is exactly what God wants from us. He already knows how we feel and what’s in our hearts, so why pretend? I believe Joyner expressed exactly how a lot of people have been feeling, especially since Nipsey Hussle’s murder and not just non-believers! I’m now very interested to see what God is going to do with this and how He’s going to move in Joyner’s life! I haven’t had the chance to read up on how the masses have responded to the song yet but I absolutely loved Bizzle’s response and felt compelled to write about it. Go listen to Joyner’s song first and then come back and read the rest of the post.

Listen! Bizzle’s response got me so excited you guys! I think he did an excellent job at bringing across God’s voice and what He might really say if He were to respond. The response was only published today and there is no lyric video so I’ll do my best to share with you all my favorite parts. I may not get all the lyrics right so don’t judge me.

Joyner started out by saying, “I’m staring at this Bible, as I keep glancing. Lord I have questions and I need answers”. And Bizzle’s response was, “Joyner, I hear you going through some things and it’s getting tough. But I see you got my Word with you and it’s a shame, how the pain, the only thing that make you pick it up! And you complain when it rains just once but I never hear thanks for that hundred days with the sun!” Ooh chile! Now ain’t that the truth! We love to get mad at God when things are not going right but we tend to forget about Him when they’re good. That’s why He has to shake things up a bit to get our attention again!

He went on to say, “See, before I even start addressing it. I don’t owe you any answers so don’t get used to it”. And then he reminds Joyner about who God is. The one who created earth and everything in it. The thing is we all need reminders sometimes. We need to remember that God is sovereign. He is the beginning and the end. He was, is and is to come! Who are we to question Him? He was like, “I’m the one who created the same mind you questioning me from”. #mindblown

In response to Joyner’s request for God to send back some people and take others he said, “You made gods out of men who were clay to me. You put lives over lives that you ain’t create…What if some of the people you naming to me wasn’t really everything that you made them to be?… Somebody lost somebody last week and came at me the same way saying I shoulda took you”. Now that right there! I felt that one! Who are we really to decide who should die and who shouldn’t? He goes on to ask, “If I punished every sin would you live tonight? So how you get mad when I give them other folks same chances I give you to get it right?” Insert GIF of someone fainting! LOL.

But seriously though, that’s what we should ask ourselves every time we decide to judge someone else. Because if it wasn’t for Grace, none of us would be here! I was listening to it with my daughter, I actually listened to both of them with her, and it gave me the perfect opportunity to minister to her about God’s grace! I just love How God works!

In closing, I would just like to say that there is so much about this response that I loved, but what I loved the most is that Bizzle ended it by reminding Joyner that God loves him and that’s what our message should be all the time! I hope the songs bless you just as much as they blessed me.

Just doing my Father’s work!

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2 thoughts on “Music is His- Bizzle’s Response to Devil’s Work

  1. Omg!!!!!! Yeassssss to this blog Honey!!!! Yesss all day long!!! 👏🏽 I am here for all of this!!! And looks like I just got me a new artist to stalk lol. He is dope!!! ❤️


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