Dear Friend

I tell you I’m a Christian and I no longer do certain things
So your guard goes up and you stop listening
Because you think that I think that I’m better than you
But you are totally wrong because I’m not judging you
I used to be there once and I thought the same way
Until I had a personal encounter with Christ one day
He said He didn’t die on the cross for me to be worried about what others think
And He definitely didn’t die for me to be a slave to sin
He said, “Who the Son sets free is, free indeed”
He said, “Give your life to Me and I will provide all your needs”
So I dropped to my knees and said “I believe”
“I take You as my Lord and Savior, Your Holy Spirit I receive”

It’s that simple, no hoops to jump!
All you have to do is believe, that’s the first hump
After that it’s a long, slow process of transformation
It’s not going to be easy but you have to be patient
God has forgiven you of your past, present and future sin
But you need to forgive yourself so He can change you from within
Remember it’s not going to happen overnight, so you will mess up
But when you fall down, just get up and trust in the Lord with all your heart
And remember, it starts with you believing, that’s the easiest part!

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