Music is His to use as He pleases! 

I love music! I love to sing and dance and I listen to all genres of music. Since becoming saved my taste in music evolved. I no longer listen to secular music…hold up, no wait, that’s a lie…what I should say is that my preference is gospel music, however I do visit the secular world on occasion LOL. When I say ‘gospel music’, I don’t mean just the quote on quote genre of gospel but hip hop, country, reggae, dancehall, soca, pop and even trap music, that spreads the Gospel, i.e. the good news of Christ and other positive messages.

Some people believe that certain types of music should not be used to sing about God and if I’m honest I used to think like that too, but the thing is, God created music and everything else for His glory, so why not? It’s not always that I’m in the mood to listen to slow, meditative type of music. Sometimes I want to bump my head and vibe to music too but I don’t want to hear about any red bottoms or popping bottles or somebody’s private parts or side chicks or sex! I can go on and on but I’ll stop here!

The problem is that you don’t hear all these variations of good music on the radio stations so my go-to is Pandora or YouTube. YouTube is a great help in this department because it usually suggests other videos/songs based on what you’ve searched. If you are newly saved (or not), and love music but are limited in what you can listen to, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite songs by different artistes in different ‘gospel genres’ so you can start building your own playlists. Enjoy!!

Bizzle and Willie Moore Jr –




Christina Roshay-


Anavah Love Jones-

Jaron Nurse-

Jaron Nurse-




Samuel Medas-

Samuel Medas-

Samuel Medas-

Sherwin Gardener-

Denyse Plummer-

My Favorite Gospel Reggae Mix-

Warren Barfield-

John Waller-

Chris Tomlin-

Lauren Daigle-

Lauren Daigle-

Brad Paisley-

Carrie Underwood-

Lee Ann Womack-

Rascal Flatts-

The Walls Group-

Tina Campbell-

Koryn Hawthorne-

Erica Campbell-

Tye Tribbett-

Jonathan Nelson-

Nathaniel Bassey-

Ata Boafo-

Tasha Cobbs-Leonard-

This should be a good enough list and mix of genres to get you all started!

But before I go I just want to say something about the last song on the list because it ties in with the title of the blog. Nicki Minaj is featured on the song with Tasha Cobbs and a whole lot of people had issues with this because of who Nicki is and what she represents. Some people felt like Tasha did it to get recognized; some are upset because Nicki could sing about God in one song and then go back to singing about anaconda’s and her ‘nana’ in the next; others felt like the both worlds should not mix and several had other opinions. Like my title suggests, music and the people who make the music belong to God and He can use it/them however he pleases, especially to reach his people! Tasha did an interview where she spoke about her decision to feature Nicki on the song and she said that she received a lot of messages from people who never believed in God or even heard gospel music, before hearing the song but now they know! See what God can do? Who are we to say who can sing about God and how?

Just doing my Father’s work!

Crowned Papillon


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