He’s Intentional

I’ve heard people complain that every time they to go to church it always seems like the pastor is speaking to them. That’s because he/she is, well not them but God is! God is always trying to reach his people. He never gives up on trying to get our attention. He uses movies, social media posts, random strangers, any thing possible! I have come to the realization that nothing is a coincidence, everything happens for a reason because God is intentional. It’s true that we have free will and we make all types of decisions that can get us into trouble but God can always find a way out. All we have to do is listen and obey. Quick story… well maybe not that quick!

My husband and I have been separated for almost two years now. We live in separate homes and he even has a ‘girlfriend’ but they’re in a long distance relationship. So last weekend my daughter and I watched “I’m in Love with a Church Girl”, on Saturday night. There was a part in the movie when the guy, played by Ja Rule, goes to the altar and gives his life to Christ and my daughter says, “Let daddy do that”. My response was that we just have to keep praying for him. So of course I tell my husband this. The next day he calls and asked our daughter when she’s going to invite him to church so I told her to say next week.

Fast forward to next week Saturday night. I have a conversation with my husband and he expresses that he’s really having a hard time and he has no one to talk to and he can’t really talk to me about some of his issues. We were going to the early church service the next day so I slept over at his place and while he slept I prayed over him and asked God to please send him someone, especially someone godly to talk to.

So we go to church and the choir sings “Intentional” by Travis Greene. As soon as the beat drops my daughter gets excited and starts to sing and my husband is shocked. I don’t think he realizes how much she loves the Lord, as young as she is. But anyway he ends up falling in love with the song, but who could blame him, it’s a great song. If you don’t know it, look it up!

It’s preaching time and the pastor preaches from Exodus 16:11-20 where the Israelites are in the desert and they are complaining so God sends them Mana and gives them instructions not to keep the bread overnight because He will provide for the next day. Some don’t listen and the next day the bread has maggots and stinks. Long story short, the pastor was saying that when we don’t listen to God and try to do things our own way we end up messed up or in trouble. My husband had previously stated to me that he feels like he’s on a downward fall and he has lost control of his life. I keep telling him that he has to give it to God but of course he doesn’t want to hear it from me so hopefully he heard it from the pastor.

After church now, my daughter has to use the bathroom, mind you she just went like 10 minutes ago. So we all head over to the bathroom and I run into one of the ladies from the marriage enrichment ministry. Back Story. Before my husband and I separated this last time (yes folks we separated before for like six months, but that’s a story for another time), we used to go to the meetings weekly and well we stopped for obvious reasons. So Peaches (not her real name, no real names will be used), says “Oh my goodness, I’m so happy to see you guys! You must come downstairs to see Michael and the rest of the leaders. We’re having a meeting today!”

We go downstairs and we get a whole lot of love, everybody’s hugging and saying how happy they are to see us together. Emphasis on the together! I go to church by myself and with our daughter all the time but I go to the 11:00am service, so I never see them but today of all days my husband specifically asked to go to the early service. Coincidence? I don’t think. But anyway they tell us we should come back to the meetings etc., etc., and we leave.

On the way home, in the car (Intentional blasting from the stereo, on repeat!) and I get a text from Peaches saying that Michael wants my email so I took the opportunity to put some work on my faith. ‘Faith without works is dead right?’ (James 2:14). I tell her a little about my husband’s struggle and give her his number and tell her to have her husband or any of the other men, get in touch with him. See how quickly God answers prayers?

Now I don’t know about you guys but I don’t think anything that happened between last weekend and this weekend was a coincidence because I know that ‘all things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose’. (Romans 8:28) I’ve been on this faith journey, walk with God, whatever you want to call it for about three years and God has been so faithful! This blog is going to chronicle my journey and hopefully inspire others to believe in and trust in God!

Just doing my Father’s work!
Crowned Papillon


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