Papillon Papers – Page 14

“Hey, hey, hey! You lovebirds are not married yet so get your asses out that room and meet us on the beach! There’s bake and saltfish in the kitchen if you want some breakfast!”, Aurora says banging on the door.

“Huh! What?” I jump up, slightly disoriented. I didn’t even realize I had fallen back to sleep.

“Hey beautiful, did you have a nice nap? I knew I could make you feel better!” Ray says this while standing in front of the mirror, completely dressed, brushing his hair. 

“Wait, what time is it? How long was I sleeping for?”

“Well it’s about 9:30am. So, you slept for about two hours. That 30 minutes of action wore you out so I figured I might as well let you sleep since you didn’t get much last night. The rest of the group is already at the beach. Aurora stayed back to make breakfast but she just left. Hurry up and get dressed! They are waiting on us to play, Battle of the Sexes Beach Volleyball”.

I roll out of the bed and head to the bathroom.

“Aurora Hun, how’s your head? You took a real nasty hit in that game earlier”.

We’re in the maxi (mini bus), on the way back home. Aurora and I are sitting next to each other and she keeps rubbing on her forehead. “How did that even happen?” I continue.  

“Lani. You will ask that? It’s Aurora we’re talking about here. How do any of her accidents happen”, Michelle chimes in from the back, chuckling a little. I turn around, give her a look like ‘not now’ and turn back to Aurora.  

“Hun. For real though, are you okay? You look like you’re really hurting”.

“I’m fine”, she finally responds, sounding a little sad. “You know what else hit me today that hurts more than my head right now? The fact that this is literally your last week here. This time next week you will be in a whole different country and I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet. I know that we will always be close like sisters no matter where you are but I don’t want you to leave. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for you and I wish you all the best but what am I going to do without my person? Who’s going to watch Grey’s Anatomy with me now? What am I going to do without my Meredith?”

“Wait Meredith? I thought I was Christina!”

“Girl please. You know you’re the nicer one”. She managed to smile. “But seriously. Who’s going to keep me sane? Where am I going to escape to when Sandra’s other side comes out?”

Sandra is Aurora’s mother and even though she’s the coolest mom, she could be a real bitch when she’s ready. Like ‘Mommy Dearest’ kind of mean. That’s why Aurora and I are always at each other’s homes.

But who’s going to be her buffer now? Man, I’ve been so busy worrying about Ray that I haven’t even thought about that? What am I going to do?

What you mean, what are you going to do? You are going to go away to college and let God be God. I think you’re taking that ‘my sister’s keeper’ thing too seriously!

But what if God was using me to protect her?

Like I said, He’s God and He will use someone else! You need to go where He is taking you and let Him deal with Aurora and Sandra.

“Lani! Now I have to ask you if you’re okay. You’ve been staring off into space for like a minute or more!”

Aurora elbows me back to reality and ends the conversation I was having in my head.  

“Sorry for giving you more to stress about Lani”, she continues. “Forget I even said anything. I’ll be fine. I always am. Now let’s discuss what’s on the agenda for the rest of the week! We have five days left to run these streets”.

We spend the rest of the ride planning the week ahead but I honestly was not all there. I kept going back and forth between thoughts of what will happen with Ray and I and about Aurora and her mom.

Come back November 13, for the next and final page of this chapter of the Papillon Papers!

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