Papillon Papers- Page 11

We get back to the house and the guys were hanging out in the backyard drinking beers so Ray stayed out with them but I went inside to meet the girls. I couldn’t contain myself so I walked through the door waving my left hand, shouting like I have no sense!

“Hello ladies! Did you guys miss me?”

“You okay hun? We didn’t miss you but we might have missed the weed you were probably smoking? Why are you so loud? And what’s up with all the waving?” Aurora says laughing, looking at me crazy.

“Oh I don’t know! Maybe I am a bit high but not from any weed!” I say as I drop myself on the couch next to Jennifer with my left hand on my head. Oh so melodramatically!

“Wait! Hold the F up? Is that a ring on your finger?”  She screams and grabs my hand.

“OH MY GOD! He proposed!!

With that, all the other girls gathered around me screaming, jumping and hugging me and each other. The guys came in from outside, patting Ray on the back offering up their congratulations like only they could.

Tony: “Better you than me brother! But congrats anyway!”

Mark: “Real big man things man! You making one woman a mother and a next one a wife! You not easy!”

Ryan: “You beat me to it! Now I definitely have to step my game up! Big congrats man!”

Jennifer and I look at each other and smile.  At least we know that when he proposes it’s not going to be just because of the baby, I think to myself.

She gives me another hug and walks off to go by Ryan’s side.

Later, while everyone was in bed and Aurora and I are cleaning up, she sits me down and asks,

“Are you sure this is the right move? Don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy for you if you are truly happy but I know where you were a few months ago”.

“To be honest Ro, part of me is over the moon right now but the other part of me is thinking all of this is too good to be true. Like, can we really do this long distance relationship? Especially when that baby comes, is he really going to want to be with someone who is miles and miles away when he can have a family with him right here? And what if I don’t want to move back to Trinidad? Is he going to move and not be close to his child? I don’t know Ro, this a lot to think about”

“I know sis! That’s why I asked. Just know that I’m here for you no matter what happens”.

We sit in silence and I think about some of the things I wrote in my journal just a few months ago, even before I found out about the baby.  

He’s so self-centered…

All he ever talks about is himself…

I know there is no way in hell I could marry him, unless he changes and knowing him, I doubt that is going to happen.

The door to my room opens up and Ray walks out, putting an end to my thoughts and the conversation.

“Enough with the girl chat! Can my future wife please come to bed so that we can celebrate?”

“Coming babe!”

Aurora and I get up from the couch and we hug before I make my way to the room.  

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