Papillon Papers – Page 8

We spend the first night drinking, playing games and reminiscing about the good ole days. Blurting out random memories!

“You guys remember that time in primary (elementary) school when Kailani tricked Keisha into using a glue stick as Chapstick?”

“And the time when Aurora walked into the mango tree?”

“When you talking about?” I asked laughing “Yesterday? When doesn’t Aurora walk into things or fall down?”

Everyone burst out laughing because it’s very true. In addition to being the fire-starter, Aurora is the groups’s klutz! She’s super clumsy and absentminded.

“Oh let’s not forget when you and Tiffany fell off the swing in front of all those boys!” she retorts. 

“Oh my God! I did forget that! Talk about shame!”

We go on like that for hours before everyone starts dropping like flies. Ray and I were the last to go to bed at about 2 am, well more like, go to the room, because we didn’t quite go to sleep right away if you know what I mean!

I was still up when Cindy and Robert tiptoed into the kitchen to get some food before leaving the house about 4 am. I guess they must have gotten someone to come pick them up. They didn’t know I saw them and they didn’t even have the decency to tell us they were leaving. I only realized what was happening when I heard Robert’s cell phone ring and he walked in the room and came back out with their bags.

“You know that little witch left and she didn’t say anything to us? What if something happened to her? What are we supposed to tell her mother? Remind me why we still friends?” Michelle says, furious.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad that she left but she could have at least said something! My father’s name is on the line here you know! Lani you better call and check on your friend eh!”

Of course she calls my name because I’m the perpetual peace maker. I’m the reason Cindy is still around anyway. Those girls were ready to drop her a long time but I feel bad because we technically grew up together. She lives on the same block as me and our grandmothers are best friends. Come to think of it, I don’t have a choice about being friends with her; my grandmother will be very upset if I did her dirty. Just then I remembered that we lived on the same block and panicked a little bit.

What if she goes home and my grandmother sees her and she tells her everything? I think to myself.

Aurora must have seen the look on my face because she says, “Lani, don’t worry yourself. You know she doesn’t get out much and the only reason she did was because her mom thinks she’s with you, that witch ain’t going home!”

I laugh, “You’re right! But let me text her anyway to make sure she’s somewhere safe.”

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