Papillon Papers- Page 7

We suspect that Michelle is still messing with her ex Shawn, but we don’t have enough evidence to confront her about it yet. We’re all friends but Michelle could be a little sneaky sometimes. We love her but we don’t always agree with her actions. Of the five of us, Aurora, Jennifer and I are the closest and well, Cindy is just there.

I love her and she’s my friend and all but sometimes I have to wonder why we are even friends. And as for Robert, her boyfriend, nobody likes him but we tolerate him because of Cindy. We’ve tried telling her that he’s an asshole who’s just using her for sex and money but she doesn’t want to hear any of it.

“Well I wouldn’t know about that sweetest meat thing! There’s no way in hell Cindy’ll get me to do that to her nasty ass!” Robert chimes in.

“Yea and that’s why she’ll get someone else to do it for your dumb ass”, Aurora mutters under her breath, just loud enough for him to hear the tail end of it. I swear this girl has no behavior.

“What’d you say?” Robert jumps up from his seat and starts walking towards her. At the same time, Mark who is sitting next to Aurora, gets up and stands in front of her and asks,

“We have a problem dawg?”

“Dawg? Hoss you better get a handle on your chick before I have to!”

Robert is still making his way towards them but Aurora refuses to back down and says louder,

“I said she’ll get someone else to do it for your dumbass! Why are you here anyway? Nobody likes you! Oh Right, none of your friends have a beach house so you’re here for the free ride as usual!” 

Of course it would take Aurora, the shortest and littlest in the group to finally confront him to his face. The rest of us just stand around with our mouths open, watching the drama unfold.

“Bitch you’re lucky…” Robert is next to Aurora now but Mark gets right up in his face and says,

“Call her bitch one more time and I’ll show you who the bitch is!”

Robert’s jaw tightens but he doesn’t dare do anything because he knows he’s outnumbered. He storms off to the room leaving Cindy behind.

“Really Aurora! You had to go and spoil the weekend?” she says, half screaming, half whining.

“Sis! THE weekend is not spoiled, but yours just might be!” Aurora laughs and looks around at all of us. “Right?”

We all nod our heads in agreement as Cindy continues screaming.

“You guys think this is a joke? Y’all are supposed to be my friends and this is the way you’re treating my guest?

“Sis! Are you serious right now?” I intervene, “He treats you like shit and you’re mad because we’re ill treating YOUR guest? We love you and we want the best for you but he ain’t it! When will you realize that?”

“Whatever Kailani!”, she says walking off.

“Oh Well! Who wants shots?”, Aurora says as the bedroom door slams shut.

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