Papillon Papers- Page 6

The ten of us all meet at Aurora’s house since her mom is the coolest; she’s the only parent who actually knows exactly what’s happening. We hired a maxi (mini bus) to take us to Mayaro because the only person who actually owns a car is Ray and no one else wanted to drive because we all want to drink. Side note, the legal drinking age in Trinidad is 18 so no need to freak out!

The maxi gets there right on time and we all pile in. Aurora and Mark get on first, then Michelle and Tony, Jennifer and Ryan, Cindy and Robert and lastly Ray and I. We get there about noon but not without any drama.

In the 90 minutes it took us to get there Jennifer got motion sickness so we had to stop about 3 times for her to vomit; we had two bathroom breaks (lots of drinking going on); and Michelle and Tony got into this big argument so we had to stop yet again for them to cool off.

Apparently Tony saw Michelle texting her ex and he didn’t like that too much. I ended up having to switch seats with him for the rest of the ride there. But by the time we got to our destination, I guess everything was good again because they were the first couple to lock themselves in their room. Did someone say make-up sex?

“I can’t believe you’re leaving next week”. Ray and I are in our room relaxing and he says that out of the blue.

“Me either. “I’m so happy that we got to spend this time together though. Come to think of it, this is the most time we’ve spent together ever! More than in those five years put together!

“For real! And it almost didn’t happen because you wanted to be with that dred head joker”, he says laughing.

“Oh really! That was the reason?”

I laugh and throw a pillow at him and we pillow fight a few minutes until someone knocks on the door.

“Food’s ready! Although I’m sure Ray already eat sumn!” Aurora shouts behind the door. Ray opens the door and throws a pillow at her. She runs down the hall screaming.

“Lani did I lie?”

I laugh but I neither confirm nor deny.

She’s downstairs now when she shouts, “You see! We laugh because we identify! Isn’t that what the French teacher said one time?”

Another pillow goes flying over the banister and everyone in the house is laughing now.

“Boy ain’t no shame in the game! Salt fish is the sweetest meat!” Tony slaps Mark a high five and winks at Michelle,

“My belly full!”

Tony must be the most forgiving man I’ve ever met, I think to myself. I look at Aurora and she gives me a look as though she’s thinking the same thing.

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