Papillon Papers- Page 2

I wake up the next morning to Jason staring at me smiling.

“Good morning Beautiful! Did you sleep well?”

“I did. Thanks. What time is it?”

“Time for a repeat!” A devilish smile creeps onto his face as he kisses my forehead.

“No seriously! I have to meet Aurora at 12 pm to go shopping”

“It’s only 9 am so we have more than enough time for round two and breakfast” he says as he rolls over and climbs on top of me.

“Oh my God! You did what?” Aurora screams and stops right in her tracks.

“You know damn well you heard what I said”, I respond, pulling her to continue walking.

“I’m just shocked. That’s all! Cause I had to spend the last five years listening to you talk about your wedding night and how you can’t wait to give your virginity to Ray and now you’re telling me that Daddy Long Legs with the dreds got to it first! You better tell me that shit was worth it!”

“I mean…it waaas pretty good but I’m not sure I’ll say it was worth it. I feel so bad now. Like what am I going to tell Ray?” I say, slumping into a chair in the fitting room area.

“Girl what you mean what you going to tell Ray? You don’t owe that negro no explanations! He’s about to be a daddy! Like a father! Like someone is carrying his baby! Have you forgotten that part?”

Of course I haven’t forgotten that. I think to myself. I think about it all the damn time. I even thought about it while I was having sex with Jason this morning. I was half wishing Jason would get me pregnant just to spite Ray. I know, I know, I’m dumb as hell sometimes. Here I am weeks away from going off to college thinking this shit! Lord have mercy Jesus!

“Father I know you’re probably mad at me for what happened last night. And well this morning too but please. Please don’t let me get pregnant! I’ll do better. I promise!”

“Hell-O”, Aurora says, waving her hands in front of my face, snapping me back to reality. “Good! And I’ll remind you of it every time you say some dumb shit like that to me again!”

I swear if she wasn’t my best friend. If I hadn’t known her since I was five years old. If she didn’t know me better than myself, I would have popped her disrespectful self in the face already!

We walk in silence for a few minutes then she says,

“Seriously though. How do you feel? I know your virginity was super important to you. I hope you’re not suicidal and shit now! God still loves you! I hope you know that” She sticks her tongue out, mockingly.

Does He though? I wonder as we continue shopping.

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