What is Papillon Papers?

The Papillon Papers are a series of short stories about Kailani Papillon, a fictional character based off of events in my life and other’s lives.

We are introduced to Kailani at a major transitional point in her life and we follow her throughout her journey to ‘daughterhood’ (the realization of who she is in Christ and her position as His daughter) and beyond!

I am not a writer by profession but I believe writing is my gift. God has been stretching me ever since he put it on my heart to start this blog and these stories are just another level of that stretch.

New posts will be uploaded every two weeks. Just click on the Papillon Papers tab.

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You can connect with me on social media if you have any questions. Just DM me on Instagram or you can email me at kailani.papillon@gmail.com

Here’s the link to the first page, Papillon Papers – Page 1

Just Doing My Father’s Work!

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